Summer Bridge Workbooks

Summer Bridge Workbook

This summer we’ve been working especially hard with our three-year-old daughter’s development. Her language skills have lagged behind her classmates, and some of her pronunciation is still very toddler-like. However, she’s a smart kid with a great imagination, and just needed some direction to channel that mental energy into some other task than drawing on her bedroom walls.

We gave her a copy of the Pre-K through Kindergarten version of the Summer Bridge Activities workbook at WonderBrains. The book focuses on basic logic problems (color 3 of the items shown below, in a list of 5) and letter recognition and writing. It gives her plenty of opportunities to color and be creative, which she loves.

To keep her older brother occupied during this time, we got him the 2nd-3rd grade version and he did very well with it too. Like many of us, he still refuses to show his work while doing math problems, but it definitely kept his attention.

It probably didn’t hurt that we bribed them with a Wii for finishing their books!