Wobble Deck is a Sturdy Toy Choice

Wobble Deck

The Wobble Deck gets my vote as the new favorite toy in our household. I’ve been looking for good toys to get the kids up and off the couch. Summertime in Florida brings warmth and sunshine, which is great for water toys and trips to the pool. But summer also brings daily afternoon showers, since we’re far enough south that we actually have a rainy season. So in the search for an active toy that could be used indoors, I came across the Wobble Deck.

The basic idea is to balance on the toy and complete one of 3 games (Memory Match, Speed Play and Freestyle). That’s right – this board is ELECTRONIC, so that alone got my kids’ attention pretty quickly. It helps them develop balance and coordination, and is great for fitness, although it is a little bit loud. It’s only suitable for children 5 years and up, but I’ve used it with my 3 year old while holding onto her to help. (Note that I am not endorsing this for use below the product recommendations! Just sharing my experience.

The construction is good and the design is really nice. It’s a little pricey at almost $40 but I’m really glad we made the investment.

Approximate Retail: $39.97
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