Play-Doh EZ2DO Silly Friends

Play-Doh has always been one of my favorite activities for the kids. They can immerse themselves in it, and can often entertain themselves for over an hour. Sure, there’s always a mess to clean up afterwards, but it gives me a good chance to straighten the house or write an entry here.


So when my sister in law gave us the Play-Doh EZ2DO Silly Friends for Christmas, I was pretty excited. It looked especially fun for my middle child, who, at 3 years old, isn’t quite ready for some of the trickier Play-Doh contraptions. This set features 3 large tubs of Doh, and about 30 body parts – plastic eyes, arms, mouths, ears, etc. Think Play-Doh meets Mr. Potato Head.

The first thing I noticed was that nearly EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL PIECE was INDIVIDUALLY silver-twisty-wired onto the plastic backing. You know what I mean…those silver twisties are the bane of every mom’s existance, especially around Christmas! I think there were roughly 20 wires. When we finally got them all done, the kids started playing with the pieces.

What I thought were the beauty and simplicity of this toy was pretty much ignored by the kids. My 5-year-old son keyed on the “injector” and its ability to mold feet by squeezing a tube of Doh through the top of the shoes (which is actually a pretty neat double-feature). He also made some hats. My daughter was just happy to have some fresh Doh to play with…she’s content with a few colors and a plastic knife to cut the Doh into tiny messy pieces.

Overall I think this is a nice addition, and I’m glad we got it as a gift – but I probably wouldn’t spend my own money on it. I’d go for a new basic set of fresh Doh and a box of plastic knives from the picnic section.

Approximate Retail: $17.95
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