K’Nex 400-Piece Bucket

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time reading my two favorite “books” – every volume of the World Book of Knowledge, and the Sears Wishbook. For those of you who group up in rural America like me, the Wishbook represented childhood utopia. Our town didn’t have a toy store, or even a chain retailer like Wal-mart. So I’d spend the better part of the year looking through the Sears Wishbook for what I wanted to ask Santa to bring me come Christmas.

There’s not much about the Wishbook itself that I can remember – except the HUGE Ferris Wheel made out of K’nex. I love construction toys – still do, in fact – and that Ferris Wheel stared up at me from glossy pages day in and day out. So when my son came home from school this year and asked for K’nex, I called up his grandmother and gave her a birthday present idea. Then I sat back and waited (and waited and waited)!

The big day finally arrived, and my own eyes glazed over when he opened the K’nex. It was a huge 400-piece bucket (I think the same one I’ve linked here) and sure enough, one of the designs in the instruction book was a Ferris Wheel. (On a side note, it’s either smaller than the one in the Wishbook, or my mind had grown the size each year since I was a child!)

This thing was really cool! My son and I got some good bonding time while we worked together on our construction project. My older daughter wanted to play too, so I helped her build some of the seats while my son built the second side of the wheel. Then we all worked together to hook up the two sides of the wheel with the seats between each junction.

Although the specialized sets offer a lot of options, I like this giant tub because there were a lot of sample designs, and it has so many basic pieces that it also leaves a lot to a young imagination.

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