Indiana Jones and the Jungle Cutter Legos

These are not your mom’s LEGOs! These building blocks have really grown up since we were kids. My son got the Indiana Jones and the Jungle Cutter set for his birthday and holy cow…he hasn’t had a moment of peace to play with the Wii because I always want to play LEGOs!

My favorite part are the “tracks” that go around the wheels. They act like bulldozer tracks. You snap all the little pieces together, position them around the wheels on one side of the vehicle, and snap together on top to complete the loop. And you can actually push them along and the tracks run like the should. Awesome!

The parts are a lot smaller than the kits I had as a child. REALLY little pieces. So we’ve had to keep it out of sight when the baby is around. And…to turn a phrase…I start Jonesing for naptime when we can play with the LEGOs!

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Approximate Retail: $39.99