Pizza Party

pizza-party_1_th.jpgThe Pizza Party set is one toy that has stood the test of time in my house. All of the great wooden toys by Melissa and Doug are favorites for my kids, but Pizza Party stands out above the rest. My oldest received it as a gift about 4 years ago. He LOVED putting the toppings on, and pretending to be a pizza chef by “slicing” the pizza and serving it to us. The set contains 6 wooden pizza slices that stick together with Velcro circles (which are made into the wood, not glued on – no sticky mess in hot weather!) It includes a plate, a wooden pizza cutter that really turns, and a wooden server. But the best part are the toppings. It has about 50 little wooden circles, with Velcro on the back, that stick to Velcro spots on the top of each pizza slice. The toppings are designed with mushrooms, green and red peppers, and pepperoni images.

When my second child reached the crawling stage, we had to put it away for awhile, due to the small parts, but we brought it back out during her nap time for her older brother, who continued to enjoy it. Once she as old enough, Pizza Party regained its permanent spot in our playroom. And we had a new surprise with our daughter’s description of the toppings – pickles and marshmallows were the two she named. (We think the pickles were the pepperonis, and the marshmallows were the mushrooms, but I’m still not sure!)

The baby just turned one and has gotten really mobile, so unfortunately it’s time for Pizza Party to go back into the closet until she’s old enough to not pop the toppings into her mouth. But I’m looking forward to the day when she makes this toy her own, just like her sibs have!

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