Elementary School Toys

Elementary students are learning that there is so much more to the world than what they have experienced up to this point. Choose exciting elementary school toys that let children interact with the wonders of the world. Instill a love of learning in your child, as they learn reading, math, and science in the context of having fun.

Telling Time

Many people underestimate the power of telling time on an analog clock. Yet elementary students can have fun learning about time, as they learn to divide up their day into hours and minutes. Give these children the gift of time with clocks designed to educate your kids.

Clocks with removable blocks can reinforce their knowledge of numbers, while showing the order and placement of the hours. Flash cards show what different times look like, giving children a visual reference for the times they encounter throughout their day. Telling time can also become the basis for fractions, as children learn about quarters and halves of hours.

Math Toys

By elementary school, children are beginning to get a firm grasp on identifying numbers. The next step is learning how to add and subtract. A math keyboard shows children the natural progression of addition and subtraction, and allows them to see patterns with numbers.

Math games and math dice encourage social interaction while teaching children how to work with numbers. An abacus, fraction blocks, and toy tape measures can also herald the beginnings of fractions and geometry, while giving children a great visual reference to go along with abstract numbers.

Writing Toys

Writing is an essential skill for elementary school children, as they complete their assignments and communicate with their friends. Printing and cursive writing sets teach children to write legibly. They can combine their new command words with illustrations in a fun bookbinding set, to create their own stories.

Elementary school children can also take their self-expression from the visual to the written letter. Poetry kits can teach children about rhyming words and writing about their emotions. There are also writing games that encourage writing through playful competition.

Science Toys

Children in elementary school develop a keen interest in the world around them. There are so many wonders of nature to explore. Teach them how the world works with science toys that encourage observation and experimentation.

An ant farm lets children observe one of nature’s most industrious insects. Solar system toys and telescopes take your budding astronaut out to explore the universe. Let your young scientist create their own experiments with kid friendly laboratory toys.

Construction/Physics Toys

What were once simple stacking blocks with your youngster has bloomed into elaborate construction toys with your elementary school student. Allow them to create 3D models of their world with uniquely designed puzzles and blocks.

Your children can also decorate their new toy creations with paints, markers, and stickers. Elementary children can discover how the world works, with race car tracks and wind toys that teach the basics of aerodynamics and physics.

Critical Thinking Toys

Engage your children’s thinking skills with more advanced puzzles that teach them to think creatively. Games that ask for unique answers and puzzles that require careful manipulation will bring out the little genius in your child.

Their knowledge of words and number will expand, as they learn to apply their knowledge in new creative ways. Multiplayer games teach children to work together while having fun and solving problems.

Music/Creative Arts Toys

Music brings out the child in all of us. Your children will have hours of fun while creating their own songs with brightly colored musical instruments. During playtime, children can listen to silly songs to enhance the quality of their games.

Encourage your child’s love of the creative arts with colorful clay so they can sculpt their own masterpieces. Many musical instruments also combine a love of art with sound, so children will be both visually and audibly stimulated.