TAGGIES Grabby Elephant by Earlyears

Oh, how kids love to make toys of of things not resembling toys in the least. Cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes… and of course, several years ago, someone turned clothing labels into TAGGIES, one of the hottest baby items to hit the stores in a long time.

I, for one, love the fact that Early Years has turned Taggies from more than just a blanket into actual, wonderful, toys! They make some of the cutest stuffed animals, stroller and crib toys, and even puzzles, all with the signature, multi-colored and multi-textured tags all around.

We bought this adorable blue elephant for our youngest child. It’s one of the softest plush toys I’ve come across in a long time, and like many kids, she loves the tags. It jingles when she shakes it, and she loves that too. Just recently, though, as her motor skills developed, she discovered how to pull the little pink mouse face from the inside of the ball, let it go, and listen and feel as it “vibrates” back into place. She was so funny – it took all of her might to stretch the mouse’s cord, and you could see her head and shoulders literally shake with the effort! But as she practiced, she grew stronger with the technique until it finally became quite easy.

So this has been a favorite toy for over eighteen months now. Many things don’t even last that long in our household, but this one has, and it’s definitely a winner!

Approximate Retail: $19.97
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